One Of Three

The piece was essentially written during a rehearsal in Nauen. We had hit a dead point with another song and a new rhythm slowly began to emerge.

Sue introduced the idea of fake news and now acts as a newscaster presenting more or less bizarre news in the verses.

If you ever miss your hamster, you should try looking for him next year; perhaps his owners will have a problem in the future that only the little one can solve...
In dem Moment (In that moment)

The original title was: "Things will fall into place". The lyrics describe those seemingly endless busy times when you get to put up your feet only at the end of a grueling day.

This will also be the song for our first video. Actors are ready to go and the script is in the works.

Something we can all look forward too!

This song was written by Uta, a good friend and highly talented and creative singer. The lyrics are written by Sue and she gave it that finishing touch.

It is in the broadest sense a covered song, but one into which both artists have poured lots of their heart’s blood.

Thank you Uta, thank you Sue!
Now you see me

This is a song that Sue has brought to the band. Most of the other musicians had played different versions of that song at one time or other.

Secca was the only one who had to learn it. She had to add her own two cents though and simply wrote an additional part.
Not my Life

This is another song of Secca’s former band "A l'Infini" – again with another melody and different lyrics.

The new version describes the ever growing loss of control of each and every one of us. Be it through the storage of data and all kinds of profiles where any form of privacy is sacrificed on the altar of sales promotion.
Or through ever stricter legal regulation which takes away our own responsibility for our protection – or so they claim.

But really only to control us…

Sometimes all the color in life seems to fade away.

Everything's gray and drab. In our mind's eye there is nothing that can pull us out of this mood – no hope, no joy – just a big nothing.

Sue wrote this text a month before Chris Cornell's suicide. Since this great singer and composer was known to have suffered greatly from depression, the lyrics of this song are dedicated to him.

Our only song in 3/4 time. Secca composed the basic theme in Leeheim in the practice room. At first, she could not figure for the life of her what was going on and why it sounded so different.

But it all became crystal clear when she started to record it. It has a nature all its own.

This song might sound familiar because it is a song that Secca once performed with the band "A l'Infini" – only with a different melody and French lyrics.

The song inspired Sue to write something new and Secca liked it just as much. So now there are two different versions of the song with the same title!

You could go for years believing to have written a classic instrumental piece, and then Sue comes along and turns it into a beautiful song with vocals.

Actually, this was the song that Secca and Sue recorded the very first time they met.
Blätter (Leaves)

At the end of summer, nature gives it her all once more before the year comes to an end.

Colorful leaves whirl through the air, accompany all our steps and with an irrepressible glow announce the upcoming white calm.

Blätter is Sue's second text in German and describes her favorite season. That the song was originally called Automne, French for Autumn, is pure coincidence...
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