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We are dedicated musicians and would like to make our hit songs famous, of course. And that is where you come in: because without friends, interested people and – last but not least – fans, our concerts would be a fairly one-sided affair.

We look forward to all mails, honest...


And for those of you who simply cannot get enough of us, you should also visit us at the following social networks. It is free and you might find out things that you never would otherwise.

:: You can find gossip and chitchat Facebook and Twitter.

:: What does the self-respecting musician wear on stage these days? Find out on Instagram.

:: New hits are on SoundCloud and the many outstanding videos that we will create in the future will be on YouTube.


You can send us e-mails via "kontakt°IndigoJuveniles.com".

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That is a small protection against web crawlers and their kind who would otherwise “favor us” with unwanted ads (SPAM) or other unsolicited gifts.


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We neither collect nor sell your data. Actually, we don’t have the time for that anyway...
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